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From Werribee in the West, Craigieburn in the North, Croydon in the East, and Frankston in the South, Melbourne Cycle Loops is continuously expanding. A personal labour of love since its inception in 2020 I have worked consistently to create, improve, and maintain Melbourne Cycle Loops. Its continuation  requires finding, exploring, and mapping in addition to the creation and maintenance of the website and its social media components. To develop and build this has required a large personal expenditure in both time and money that cannot go on indefinitely without some support.

Can you help?

If you find Melbourne Cycle Loops a place that inspires you to get on your bike and explore this great city, please consider giving your support to help the site. — either promotion or donation, it will mean Melbourne Cycle Loops will continue to grow.

Option One

Promote Melbourne Cycle Loops in you shop, café, website etc (Poster/Banner), and advertise on Loop Page.

Option Two

Make a one time donation

Option Three

Make a recurring donation of any amount.


Stephen Baggaley

Ian Bradford

Terry Hannon

Adam Huebner

Yu Hsuan

David Lohrey

Mary Machen

Donavan Roscoe

Liad Shachar

Clive Stratford



Stephen Baggaley
Aileen Ma

Salman Shami


Melbourne Bike Paths



Manningham B.U.G

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