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Hobsons Bay - Skeleton Creek - Federation Trail - Western Ring Road - Maribyrnong River

L14 Hobsons Bay - Skeletons Creek - Federation Trail - Western Ring Road - Maribyrnong Riv
  • Distance: 87.3 km
  • Minimum Elevation: 5 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 69 m

Brimbank Park

Paved  90%
Unpaved  10%

Quality: Very Good

This loop takes you along a river, creek and bay, Follow Hobsons Bay trail along the windswept coast, the winding greenery of the Maribyrnong river Trail and the Fabulous new bridges along federation Trail. This 87.3 km  loop will take you past coastal, industrial, and urban settings through a slew of parks, and across inland and coastal wildlife. You might stop off and have a dip in the bay, find a shady tree to rest under in Brimbank Park or take a break at a Cafe in Williamstown for some a coffee and breather.      

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