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Moonee Ponds Creek - Capital City Trail - Merri Creek - Galada Tamboore -  Malcolm & Aitkins Creeks, Broadmeadows Valley Trail

  • Distance: 72.3 km
  • Minimum Elevation: 10
  • Maximum Elevation: 209 m

Paved  100%
Quality: Excellent

This loop takes you the suburban outskirts of Melbourne further north than other loops. It traverses the Galada Tamboore trail, Malcolm and Atkins Creeks' paths as well as Broadmeadows Valley path down to the northern part of capital city and Inner Circle Railway and Merri Creek. This 72 km round trip along the recently upgraded Galada Tamboore path along the Hume highway as far North as Craigieburn continues along beautiful new and well planned paths through Broadmeadows Valley snaking through, playgrounds and sporting fields in the growing Northern suburbs.  Riding south through  Broadmeadows Vally with the wind at your back is quite an exiting ride.  

north Merri ICR moonee .png
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