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Frankston Foreshore Trail - Kananook Creek Trail - Frankston/Seaford Rail Trail - Dandenong Creek Trail
- Seaford Wetlands Trail - Peninsula Link Trail
- Frankston Baxter Rail Trail

  • Distance: 32.9 km
  • Minimum Elevation: 7 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 69 m

Paved 95%
Quality: Good

This Bayside ride will take you along the banks of the Port Phillip Bay, Patterson River Kananook Creek, and Seaford Wetlands connected up with the Peninsula Link Trail. This loop goes through parks, beaches, bushland and rail cuttings. Countless places to stop for a picnic, coffee or snack in Frankston Seaford and Carum. Take your time and take a dip or just stop for a wander along  the dunes. 

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