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Yarra Bend Park

P5 Yarra Bend Park.png

Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield 


Large Number,  Free,

Opens 8 am Exit 24 hr 

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Capital City Trail
Main Yarra Trail
Merri Creek Trail
Yarra Boulevard


The largest area of natural bushland located in inner Melbourne, Yarra Bend Park is one of the best green spaces within easy reach of the CBD. The park features a range of natural and man made attractions including an ancient winding river, steep rocky river banks, untouched woodlands, as well as cricket and football pitches and golf courses.

Populated by abundant native flora and fauna this 642 acre park has winding paths to wander by foot or follow the river on bike, take time out at the abundant picnic areas, barbecues, rotundas and shelters. Spend a day on bikes with family or friends follow the trail to Dights falls, hire a boat and explore the river, have a picnic in the shade and a snooze under a tree.

P5 Yarra Bend Park.png
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